A Hole in My Soul, My Father's Sin

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Juni 2009



A HOLE IN MY SOUL: My Father's Sin Fatherless homes have never been much of a focus until recent years. It is a growing epidemic that fathers are no longer in the home for whatever cause. Th is gap is creating a negative eff ect both naturally and spiritually. Th is is a book for every person whose father has left, died, or was never there, and they feel like there is something missing. Like there is a hole in a part of them, a "hole" in their soul, which needs to be fi lled so that they can move on as a "whole" person. Th is book allows us to investigate and ask questions that some wish we would leave alone; but asking the questions and dealing with them will help strengthen you and help you gain freedom to become all that you can for the glory of God, sealing the hole as you become whole

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