Dreams of the Desert Wind

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September 2004



Kurt R.A. Giambastiani's new novel, Dreams of the Desert Wind is a modern fantasy of the Middle East.

In Jerusalem, city of peace and strife, three people struggle to protect their lives, their loves, and their future.

David Fineblum, son of an American senator and student of ancient languages, hears a young woman speak an ancient tongue scholars thought dead for a thousand years. Following her-and her secret-
takes him deep into the world of danger and brings him face to face with the politics of the Judean Desert.

Rivka Danilovitch, a lieutenant in the Israeli military, is caught between her love for David and her duty to her country. Her superiors are not concerned for David's safety, but she is.

Ghazayil, a woman of the Sulubba Bedouin, holds the secret that draws David deep into the wilds of Judea, but it is not the secret he thinks it is. What she finally reveals threatens to shake not only his world, but the world at large.

Kurt Giambastiani, author of the acclaimed Fallen Cloud Saga, now turns his talents to the secretive and volatile Middle East, creating a tale of love, intrigue, and possibility.
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