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Kukai, more commonly known by the honorific Kobo Daishi, was one of the great characters in the development of Janpanese culture. He was active in literature, engineering, calligraphy, and architecture and is represented in this work in terms of his major effort--the introduction of esoteric Buddhism from China, which resulted in the formation of the Shingou sect still active in Japan. Eight of his works are presented here.


Foreward, by Wm. Theodore de BaryPrefaceIntroduction Part One: Life of Kukai1. Youth2. Days of Crisis3. Reunification and Quest4. Encounter with Master Hui-Kuo5. Priod of Trial6. Rise to Eminence7. Abhiseka Ceremonies at the Takaosanji8. Founding of Mt. Koya9. The Toji Period10. Return to Mt. Koya Part Two: Thought of Kukai1. Exoteric Buddhism and Esoteric BuddhismExoteric versus Esorteric BuddhismEsoteric Buddhism within Exoteric BuddhismShingon Buddhism, the Synthesis of Exoteric Buddhism2. Essentials of Kukai's Esoteric Buddhist Thought and PracticeGeneral Characteristics of Kukai's Esoteric Buddhist ThoughtDharmakaya Mahavairocana TathagataKukai's Esoteric Buddhist Practice Part Three: Major Works of Kukai1. Indications of the Goals of the Three Teachings2. A Memorial Presenting a List of Newly Imported Sutras and Other Items3. The Difference Between Exoteric and Esoteric Buddhism4. The Precious Key to the Secret Treasury5. Attaining Enlightenment in this Very Existence6. The Meanings of Sound, Word, and Reality7. The Meanings of the Word Hum8. The Secret Key to the Heart Sutra Chronological TableSelected BibliographyIndex


Yoshito S. Hakeda


Kukai was a polymath who has achieved the status of demigod in popular legend: in part because of his virtuosity as a writer of Chinese, his books are too difficult to read by any but a very few scholars in Japan today. Hakeda's achievement in arriving at these lively and intelligible translations is of the highest order. Choice This book serves two functions remarkably well: being an easy to follow, lucidly written introductory work for the non-initiated, and providing for the expert for the first time in English eight of Kukai's major works. World Literature Today
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