Get Ready! for Standardized Tests: Math Grade 2

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Juli 2001



McGraw-Hill's grade-specific test prep series now features hands-on guidance to help parents help their first- through fourth-grade children with basic math and reading skills. Written by top education professionals, these specialized guides expand on the methods first introduced in the Get Ready! for Standardized Test series to provide a proficiency in the core disciplines of math and reading that can be demonstrated on standardized tests.Parents get proven tools and techniques for assessing their children's basic math and reading skill levels and will be able to pinpoint specific problem areas, measure progress, and instill in their children the confidence and test-taking know-how needed to shine on virtually any standardized test.


Skills Checklist.


Chapter 1: Test-Taking Basics.

Chapter 2: Basic Facts.

Chapter 3: Numeration.

Chapter 4: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction.

Chapter 5: Time: Clocks and Calendars.

Chapter 6: Money.

Chapter 7: Measurement.

Chapter 8: Geometry.

Chapter 9: Fractions.

Chapter 10: Multiplication and More.

Appendix A: Web Sites and Resources for More Information.

Appendix B: Read More About It.

Appendix C: What Your Child's Test Scores Mean.

Appendix D: Which States Require Which Tests.

Appendix E: Testing Accommodations.


Answer Keys for Practice Skills.

Sample Practice Test.

Answer Key for Sample Practice Test.


Kristin B. Swanson graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in elementary education/early childhood and received her master's degree in education from Kutztown University.

Carol Turkington, Series Editor, specializes in developmental psychology. Her articles on parenting and health have appeared in Parents, Psychology Today, and The New York Times.

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