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This is the first fully documented biography of the Italian composer Ruggiero Leoncavallo (1857-1919), the beloved and popular composer of the opera Pagliacci.


Part 1 Foreword by Placido Domingo Part 2 Foreword by Peira Leoncavallo Part 3 Acknowledgments Part 4 Archive Key Part 5 Introduction Part 6 Part 1: Biography Chapter 7 1. 1857-1877 Chapter 8 2. 1878-1888 Chapter 9 3. 1889-1892 Chapter 10 4. 1893-1894 Chapter 11 5. 1895-1897 Chapter 12 6. 1898-1905 Chapter 13 7. 1906-1911 Chapter 14 8. 1912-1915 Chapter 15 9. 1916-1919 Part 16 Part 2: Works Chapter 17 10. La nuit de mai Chapter 18 11. Chatteron Chapter 19 12. I Medici Chapter 20 13. Pagliacci Chapter 21 14. Seraphitus-Seraphita Chapter 22 15. La boheme Chapter 23 16. Zaza Chapter 24 17. Der Roland von Berlin Chapter 25 18. Maia Chapter 26 19. Malbruk Chapter 27 20. Gli zingari Chapter 28 21. Mimi Pinson Chapter 29 22. La reginetta della rose Chapter 30 23. Are You There? Chapter 31 24. La candidata Chapter 32 25. Mameli Chapter 33 26. Prestami tua moglie Chapter 34 27. A chi la giarrettiera? Chapter 35 28. Edipo re Chapter 36 29. Pierrot au cinema Chapter 37 30. La maschera nuda Chapter 38 31. Il primo bacio Part 39 Appendix: The Leoncavallo Opus Part 40 Bibliography Part 41 Index Part 42 About the Author


Dr. Konrad Dryden is professor of music and German at the University of Maryland-Europe and a frequent lecturer on verismo.


...the first substantial study of the composer in English...[the author] can be congratulated in assembling so much new information. BBC Music Magazine, August 2007 This is ideal for anyone looking for in-depth research material on this little-known composer. Highly recommended. CHOICE, October 2007, Vol. 45, No. 2 Best known as the composer of Pagliacci , Ruggiero Leoncavallo (1857-1919) created many other operatic works, including Chatterton , Der Roland von Berlin , and La boheme. Based on extensive archival research conducted by the author, this critical biography attempts to untangle and organize the facts of Leoncavallo's life while offering a relatively complete analysis of his works. Dryden teaches music at the University of Maryland University College-Europe. Reference and Research Book News, May 2007 Because of Dryden, he [Leoncavallo] has finally been accorded a memorial entirely unlike himself: that is, unassuming, focused, disciplined, and perilously near to perfection. The preface, by no less a performer than Placido Domingo, merely confirms the whole project's quality. It is impossible to imagine any subsequent book on leoncavallo doing more than adding a handful of grace notes, and perhaps the very occasional cadenza, to Dryden's quietly heroic art. The New Criterion, June 2008 Real-life events partially inspired Ruggiero Leoncavallo's 1892 verismo shocker to make it one of the most popular operas ever written. The work also turned its composer into a "one-hit wonder." Leoncavallo, deeply troubled and insecure for most of his career, wrote operas to inspire both admiration and revulsion. When you add the chaotic state of Leoncavallo's correspondence, the challenges facing any writer of a definitive biography become apparent. Fortunately, Dryden's illuminating study succeeds despite these odds...Dryden's book proves a thorough, well-documented resource on a gifted composer tormented by the early success he was never able to duplicate. Dryden's painstaking detective work provides a solid foundation for future research. Simply put, every scholar, singer, conductor, and opera fan who admires Leoncavallo and wants to learn more about his career and personality will want to read this book. Highly recommended. The Opera Journal
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