Ambassadors of Culture: The Transamerican Origins of Latino Writing

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Dezember 2001



"This book is the best study of transamerican literary contact I have seen in a decade. It is the work of a consummate comparative Americanist who is conversant, often in breathtaking detail, with the literatures and cultures of a number of American geographies, both north and south. Gruesz has produced a comparative study par excellence, one that balances close readings with a rigorously historicist approach. "Ambassadors of Cultur"e is impressive on all counts and is a tremendous contribution."--Vera M. Kutzinski, Yale University
"This is a splendid and gracefully written book--one of the most significant books in the field of American studies. Throughout Gruesz writes with clarity, directness, and elegance. She is without question one of the best inter-American literary historians today and ranks with the top comparative theorists generally."--Jos David Saldvar, University of California, Berkeley


PREFACE ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xix Chapter 1 "Alone with the Terrible Hurricane": The Occluded History of Transamerican Literature 1 Geografa Nueva: An Alternate History of the American World System 7 Citizen, Ambassador: Stations of Literary Representation 13 The Transamerican Archive: Poetry as Daily Practice 20 Vernacular Authorship, or the Imitator's Agency 25 Chapter 2 The Chain of American Circumstance: From Niagara to Cuba to Panama 30 Meditations on Niagara: Transnational Pilgrims and the American Sublime 30 The Cuban Star over New York: Heredia's Translated Nationhood 39 Republics in Chains: From Bryant's Prairies to the Mexican Meseta 48 Vistas del Infierno: The Racial Dilemma of Maria del Occidente 61 Chapter 3 Tasks of the Translator: Imitative Literature, the Catholic South, and the Invasion of Mexico 71 "A Mist of Lurid Light": Translation Practice in the Americas 71 Ecos de Mexico: Whittier, Longfellow, and the Case against Expansion 87 Converting Evangeline to Evangelina 94 In the Vernacular: Translation on the Border 100 Chapter 4 The Mouth of a New Empire: New Orleans in the Transamerican Print Trade 108 New Orleans, Capital of the (Other) Nineteenth Century 108 The Fertile Crescent: Whitman's Immersion in the "Spanish Element" 121 Reading La Patria: Hispanophone Print Culture and the Annexation Question 136 Songs of the Exile: The Laud Poets and Quintero's Pearls 145 Chapter 5 The Deep Roots of Our America: Two New Worlds, and Their Resistors 161 Diplomatic License: Pombo in New York 163 Staging Gender on the California Borderlands 176 Brave Mundo Nuevo: The Marketing of Transnational Spanish Culture 186 Most Faithful Fidel: Guillermo Prieto's Reconstruction Travelogue 196 CODA The Future's Past: Latino Ghosts in the U.S. Canon 205 NOTES 213 WORKS CITED 255 INDEX 279


Honorable Mention for the John Hope Franklin Publication Prize "Gruesz's [provides] lucid justification for directing students of nineteenth-century U.S. literature to ponder the efforts that certain North American writers made, in the 1820s and 30s, to foster a hemispheric consciousness and then, in the face of expansionist militarism during and after the 1840s, to mark out oppositional stances based on claims of distinctiveness concerning such things as religion, trade practices and philosophies of life... [A] rich and suggestive undertaking."--Barbara Ryan, H-Amstdy "Gruesz's interesting study of 19th century Spanish language print culture in the US recognizes the contributions made by Latino poets and journalists to both US literary history and the construction of a Latino identity."--Choice "Ambassadors had me revising my American Literature syllabus before I had finished reading the Introduction."--Barbara Ryan, H-Net Reviews
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