Trouble-Free Transitions for New Teachers: Early Childhood Level

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This book provides a thorough approach to the nuts and bolts of information that is needed by new faculty and staff. The book will allow administrators or personnel charged with the job of orientation of new early childhood staff a quick and easy template that will provide a thorough orientation to a new building and/or district.


1 Introduction 2 What New Teachers Need to Know 3 The School Year 4 Professional Aspects 5 Connecting the Classroom to the Real World 6 Appendix A: Internet Resources 7 Appendix B: Parent-Teacher Communication


Kimberly T. Strike, Ph.D., has experience in many educational sectors: public, private, and parochial; urban and rural districts; and adult and child. She has been a teacher, principal, professor, consultant, and guest speaker.


This book is an excellent resource for the beginning teacher. It contains invaluable information in vast areas to assure success as new teachers begin their teaching careers. Experienced teachers will also find this book useful. -- Doris Loss, veteran teacher, Westridge Elementary School, Wisconsin Dr. Strikes' book provides an incredibly solid reference for those being inducted to the profession, especially for those working with young children. The organization is superb; the topics are timeless in that the issues addressed are ones that all 'newcomers' experience. For those who are astute enough to realize that having a reference book close by to refresh the memory on appropriate tactics and strategies rather than reverting to trial and error because of the complexity of moment, this is a book they want on their desk. -- Terry James, interim chair, Department of Leadership Studies, University of Central Arkansas and president-elect of the Association of Teache Dr. Strike provides a realistic overview of what new teachers need to know as they begin their professional educator journey. This work is a must for all administrators and mentors working with new teachers. An experienced mentor can benefit from Dr. Strike's practical orientation to the teaching profession. -- Carlene VandeZande, dean of Graduate Studies, Marian College, Wisconsin
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