Kant, Critique and Politics

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Dezember 1995



The use and abuse and critique of Kant has generated a huge literature among contemporary political theorists; his work has been surreptitiously kept by some critics of the Enlightenment to exeplify starndards of modernity.
Kimberly Hutchings reevaluates Kant's work in terms of its significance in the writings of Habersmas, Arendt, Lyotard and Foucault. This is not an exercise in the history of ideas; through her extremely lucid presentation of Kant's critical philosophy, Hutchings reveals the critique to be a complex, ambiguous political practice. The common Kantian heritage in the thought of the four contemporary theorists challenges orthodox distinctions between modernist and postmodernist theorizing.
"Kant, Critique and Kant" addresses why Kant's legacy is inescapable for current debates about both "critique" and politics. This reading sheds a new light on continental and political philosophy, international relations theory and feminist theory.


""Kant, Critique and Politics not only shows the abiding relevance of Kant's critical philosophy for contemporary debates in social and political theory, international relations and feminist theory, but also challenges the view that it is a foundationalist argument. It makes an illuminating contribution to the contemporary debate as well as to the understanding of the critical project.."
-Howard Caygill, author of "A Kant Dictionary, University of East Anglia
"Hutchings possesses a gift for distillation and is able to summarize complicated arguments succintly. Her own argument is compelling, carefully presented and sustained throughout the work. Hutchings should be read by anyone interested in contemporary social theory and the debt it owes to Kant."
-Peter Heckman, Nebraska Wesleyan University
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