How to Communicate with Your Spanish and Asian Employees

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September 2004



Lets face facts: In today's business environment we hire a lot of non-English-speaking employees. Yes, they will learn English over time, but what do you do right now? For one, you can keep this indispensable learning aid with you, and buy several of them for your employees. The book includes definitions of common Spanish and Chinese words arranged by such categories as workplace items, foods, greetings, interview questions, introductions, time, numbers, days of the week, months, colors, etc. A clean, crisp layout and detailed treatment of words ensure accurate translation and allow the user to grasp the important nuances of the language quickly. The entire book is duplicated in both Spanish, English and Chinese, so both English speaking and non-English-speaking persons can easily use it.


The Workforce & Diversity; Legal Issues; Understanding Culture; Effective Communication; The Workplace.
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Untertitel: A Translation Guide for Small Business Owners. b/w photos & tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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