Communication and the Care of People with Dementia

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September 2001



This book argues that communication is at the heart of all approaches to dementia care, and is an in-depth exploration of ways of establishing and developing communication with people with dementia. It examines both the nature of dementia as a condition and the subjective experience of those affected. The authors consider in detail how communication between people with dementia and those who care for them changes, and how it can be maintained and enhanced. They include a significant amount of material quoted from people with dementia, and suggest ways of interpreting their words and actions. We learn about what it might be like to have dementia, and what sort of help is needed by people in this situation. Throughout the book the authors address the ethical issues and the implications for practice.

"The combination of creativity and critical analysis which the joint authors as poet and psychologist bring to this book is especially productive...The interweaving of substantial practice examples based on conversations with people with dementia give persuasive authority to the careful exposition and detailed analysis. The book is much more than an exhortation to carers about how they should communicate. It challenges them to understand themselves and shows how they might use themselves to engage with people with dementia." - Faith Gibson, Emeritus Professor of Social Work

Communication and the Care of People with Dementia is a key resource for students and professionals in health and social care work, including those in such fields as social work, nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, clinical psychology, geriatric medicine, and the management of services.


Part one: Basics
Conversations with Alice
'A far fetch'
'The truth is mine, not yours'
Nonverbal communication
'I just want to hold you and hold you one minute'
'Words can make or break you'
'Playing in the House of Ages'
'After all, what is this lump of matter if you can't make sense of it?'
Part two: Practicalities
Making contact
'Getting in a normal situation'
Developing the interaction
'With you I am putting things together'
'With regard to silence, I think it should be observed'
'It's a good idea, this writing it down'
Part three: Themes
'I want to make up my story for myself'
'I like us being with us'
'I'm thinking when I'm not saying anything'
Part four: Implications
Implications for care
'I need help, yes. But it's the way that it's done'
Ethical implications
'What I want to know is, what is this doing for you?'
Part five: Conclusion
Conversations with Jane
'My mind, my whole sphere of life is full'


John Killick was a teacher of English for thirty years, and worked in schools, colleges and prisons. He has worked with people with dementia as a writer for nine years, and has recently combined this role with work on exploring the contribution of the arts to the care of people with dementia.Kate Allan worked as a clinical psychologist in the area of mental health for five years. She has since undertaken research and development work in the area of communication in dementia care practice, specifically ways of consulting people with dementia about their views of services.


"Communication and the Care of People with Dementia published last year has been hailed as 'essential reading' for psychologists, old-age psychiatrists, social workers and managers of dementia specialist services. - A A Gill The Sunday Times Magazine 20031111 "This is a timely, deeply challenging but ultimately encouraging publication. Person-centred dementia care, pioneered by Tom Kitwood, Malcolm Goldsmith and others, stands in need of this comprehensive theoretical and practical presentation based upon considerable experience. John Killick's nine-year involvement as writer in residence with Westminster Health Care is ably complemented by Kate Allan's psychological expertise and commitment to giving a voice to people with dementia in the development of services...The outcome is a heady, wholesome and above all intensely humane mix, enlivened by numerous verbatim accounts of John's conversations with individual persons with dementia which are interpreted with great sensitivity...we should be profoundly grateful for this book which can aptly described as a work of love." - Generations Review Generations Review 20031030 "Communication and the Care of People with Dementia is an essential read for all existing and future health and social care professionals who may come into contact with people who have dementia." - Dementia: International Journal of Social Research & Practice Dementia: The Int Jnl of Social Res & Practice 20031028
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