War, Baby

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Februar 2003



An account of the fight boxing match between Britain's Nigel Benn and America's Gerald McClellan. Written by the 2000 Sports Journalist of the Year.


Kevin Mitchell is the boxing and tennis correspondent for the Observer and Guardian. He is the author of Jacob's Beach: The Mob, the Garden and the Golden Age of Boxing, and the co-author of Frank Bruno's autobiography Frank, which won the Best Autobiography category of the British Sports Book Awards.


"An acutely intelligent, even-handed analysis of the characters, history and all-round horrible wonders of boxing's brutality and beauty. Solid, straight-talking and as rock'n'roll as sports writing gets" The Scotsman "Powerfully taut account of Benn v McClellan brawl captures boxing's farce and nobility" Observer "The boxing book to end all boxing books... compellingly unputdownable" Guardian
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Untertitel: The Glamour of Violence. Illustrationsports. Sprache: Englisch.
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