The Ground Beneath the Cross: The Theology of Ignacio Ellacuria

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Ellacuria, a Jesuit theologian and writer, was president of the University of Central America at the height of El Salvador's brutal civil war in 1989. His advocacy on behalf of the persecuted provoked the political establishment, and in November of that year, the military invaded the campus and murdered Ellacuria--along with five other Jesuit priests and two women. Kevin F. Burke, S.J., illuminates why Ellacuria is significant not only as a martyr, but also as theologian. Ellacuria has remained little known in English, and Burke not only presents us with the first comprehensive introduction to Ignacio Ellacuria thought, he also places him where he belongs--among the major liberation theologians of the twentieth century.


Preface Introduction: Theology at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century 1. The Martyr as Theologian 2. Philosophy of Historical Reality 3. The Human in Historical Reality 4. Foundations of Theological Method 5. Operations of Theological Method 6. Salvation in History 7. The Cross and the Church Conclusion: The Ground Beneath Theology


Kevin F. Burke, SJ, is acting president and associate professor of systematic theology at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.


"A thoroughly researched, carefully presented and truly 'living' discussion of [Ellacuria's] work. Burke advances Ellacuria's theology, even as he is presenting it. Himself clearly moved by 'compassionate reason,' Burke offers us hope that this crucially important lineage of liberative reflection and praxis will continue." -- Modern Theology "A fine comprehensive introduction to the theology of Ignacio Ellacuria...richly rewarding." -- Theological Studies " The Ground Beneath the Cross is a densely, if carefully, argued and learned book. It should stand the test of time as the standard exposition, in English, of the theology of Ignacio Ellacuria." -- Journal of Hispanic-Latino Theology
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