The Physics of Semiconductors: With Appications to Optoelectronic Devices

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September 2003



Graduate text with comprehensive treatment of semiconductor device physics and engineering, and descriptions of real optoelectronic devices.


1. Basic concepts in quantum mechanics; 2. One dimensional potential problems; 3. Three dimensional potential problems; 4. Approximation methods in quantum mechanics; 5. Equilibrium statistical mechanics; 6. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; 7. Multielectron systems and crystalline symmetries; 8. Motion of electrons in a periodic potential; 9. Phonons and the electron-phonon interaction; 10. Generation and recombination processes in semiconductors; 11. Junctions; 12. Semiconductor photonic detectors; 13. Optoelectronic emitters; 14. Field effect devices.


' ... this book may well be a valuable and useful textbook on the physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices, for not only physics students but more so for engineering students and engineers working in optoelectronics. It is written professionaly in a very competent and clear way. All problems are discussed correctly and presented in an interesting and comprehensive manner with reasonable use of mathematics for quantitative description. I hope that this book will be recognized as a good contribution to the literature of modern semiconductor physics books.' I. Strzalkowski, European Journal of Physics
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