That Could Never Be: A Memoir

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August 2003



This is a remarkable story of the victory of spirit over adversity. Kevin Dalton spent his life from 1934 when he was two until he was sixteen in Limerick orphanages. From an early age he wanted to be ordained and this is the story of how this ambition waxed and waned through all the vicissitudes of early disadvantage. At 18 he arrived in Dublin with only a primary school education and without a job. After months of searching, hiding his torn trousers and scruffy clothes with a long overcoat, he eventually got work and qualified as a miller, but still yearned to become a priest. While working during the day he studied for the Trinity College entrance exam, which he eventually passed, and entered college in 1961. In 1966 he was ordained in the Church of Ireland, and spent a year of postgraduate study in San Francisco. To this day, his ministry has been spent in Dublin, and he is currently Rector of Monktown, in County Dublin.


Kevin Dalton is currently Rector of Monkstown, Co Dublin.

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