Imagining the Congo: The International Relations of Identity

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Juni 2003



Understanding the current civil war in the Congo requires an examination of how the Congo's identity has been imagined over time. Imagining the Congo historicizes and contextualizes the constructions of the Congo's identity in order to analyze the political implications of that identity, looking in detail at four historical periods in which the identity of the Congo was contested, with numerous forces attempting to produce and attach meanings to its territory and people. Dunn looks specifically at how what he calls 'imaginings' of the Congo have allowed the current state of affairs there to develop, but he also looks at the broader conceptual question of how the concept of identity has developed and become important in recent international relations scholarship.


Introduction Inventing the Congo: Henry Morton Stanley, Leopold II, and the 'Red Rubber' Scandal Congo as Chaos, Lumumba as Diable: Independence and the 1960s Crisis From Congo to Zaire: Mobutu's Production of an "Authentic" National Identity Cancer, Kabila, and the Congo: Central Africa at the end of the 20th Century Conclusion


Kevin Dunn


'This is an important and engaging book. Kevin Dunn has combined a sophisticated discussion of the dominant representations of the 'Congo' with careful attention to wider 'international' trends as well as processes on the ground in Africa...I can find very little to disagree with in this book.' - Mark T. Berger, European Journal of Development
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