Cyberpolitics: Citizen Activism in the Age of the Internet

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April 1998



Cyberpolitics goes beyond the hype to analyze the content of political discussion on the Internet and to see how the Internet is being used politically. Empirical research translated into dozens of graphically compelling figures and tables illuminates for the first time Internet characteristics heretofore only speculated about: Who are the _cybercitizens_ using the Internet, how do they participate in the political process, and who uses the Internet most effectively to accomplish political ends?


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Internet Leviathan Chapter 3 Internet Activists Chapter 4 Building Political Communities in Cyberspace Chapter 5 Is the Internet an Instrument of Global Democratization? Chapter 6 Instantaneous Political Discussion: America Online's Chat Rooms Chapter 7 Web Sites, Interest Groups, and Politics Chapter 8 The Internet and the Future of Political Communication


Kevin A. Hill is assistant professor of political science at Florida International University. John E. Hughes is assistant professor of political science at Monmouth University.


The book provides analysis of some of the ideological and political differences found among Internet activities. Cyberpolitics provides a very welcome addition to the literature-with a particular strength being its grounding in empirical research. -- Steve Webster, University of Bradford International Affairs, Vol 75 No.2, April 99 Superb analysis of the mechanisms by computer mediated communication (CMC)... Hill and Hughes are clear, lucid, and truly incisive in their remarks. Readable, lively, and utterly critical to understanding the shifting role of not just information but also of information distribution systems in traditional government. An intelligent, hard-nosed, empirically based analysis. Communication Booknotes Quarterly Hill's and Hugh's initial exploration will encourage future research on the importance of 'cyberpolitics.' ... They use a clear, nontechnical writing style to make the work accessible. -- Steven Puro, St. Louis University Perspectives on Political Science Hill and Hughes rise above this speculation by providing a rich and diverse empirical study of these technologies. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences This study greatly extends our knowledge of how people use the Internet by not only examining the characteristics and attitudes of the Internet user in depth but also examining the political content of Usenet newsgroups, chat rooms, and the World Wide Web. This is a valuable work for anyone researching how people use the Internet to communicate. -- Thomas J. Johnson, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
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