Here Comes the Sun

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November 2000



"Here Comes the Sun" looks at how social reformers, urban planners, and architects in the early twentieth century tried to remake the city in the image of a sunlit, ordered utopia. Worpole concentrates less on buildings and more on the spaces in-between-parks, public squares, open-air museums, public pools, even cemeteries. Life in the open was of particular concern to early urban planners and reformers, with their dreams of release from the confines of overcrowded slums. Worpole demonstrates how open-air public spaces became sought-after commissions for many early modernist architects.
Ken Worpole has written a number of books on urban and cultural policy, most recently "Cemetery in the City" (1997) and "Richer Futures: Fashioning a New Politics" (1998).


Ken Worpole has written a number of pamphlets and books on urban and cultural policy, most recently Cemetery in the City (1997), Richer Futures: Fashioning a New Politics (1998), and Last Landscapes: The Architecture of the Cemetary in the West (Reaktion, 2003). For more information on Ken Worpole visit:


...a fascinating account of the political idealism that informed urban planning for the first two-thirds of the twentieth-century...full of insights into how public space influences a sense of belonging and ownership. Guardian This is one of those books you stroke lovingly. Open it, and there is page after page of beautiful photographs...this book combines history, society, politics, environment and place in a well-written and emotive text. The strength of the book is the way it crosses these traditional boundaries and disciplines. Town and Country Planning Drawing on architectural theories, philosophy, literature and even filmmaking, Worpole's book is wide-ranging and erudite and should be of interest to the layperson as well as to the urban planner. It is also elegantly written and complemented by a mixture of black and white and colour photographs to provide a visual emphasis to the points he raises. N16 Magazine
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Untertitel: Architecture and Public Space in 20th-century European Culture. 35 black & white illustrations, 60 colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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