Holy Moly Hiccoughs and Enigmatic Knotty Eructations from the Boffola Belly of Bu'Tai

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With humour and hidden truths about life's incessant surprises, this book attempts to create an authentically occidental approach to koan lore. It offers a rather non-rational approach to life, and presents a paradoxical perspective to an altogether sometimes, too apparent reality.


First Hatchings; Second Hatchings; Stop! Do not Applause; Pristine Philosophical Apperceptions; Baba Brain-Teasers; The Thunderclap Rising of the Golden Flower; Free Energy is Where It's At; Breaking Bread with the Buddha; Cast Rice Upon the Waters; The Neigh of Truth; Plastered Wallflower, Meditating; Baba Brain-Teasers II; Quintessence of Creation; Glossary.


The author, Ken N.O. Sho, has taken an authentically occidental and modern approach to Zen koans. In his first book of koans, "Holy Moly Hiccoughs and Enigmatic Knotty Eructations from the Boffola Belly of Bu'Tai, "he has broken through the traditional koan tide and Zen-ish dam which oriental and Asiatic history has built-up.
He has humorously and paradoxically chosen to leave blank the photo of the author and to blur the words describing the author leaving it unreadable, clearly showing the reader that he wishes his persona to remain mysterious and hidden.
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