Soil Ecology

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August 2010



An exciting textbook for all those concerned with the environment, which presents an integrated approach to soil ecology.


Foreword; Introduction; 1. The soil environment; 2. The soil biota; 3. Ecological interactions between the soil biota; 4. The ecology of soil nutrient cycling; 5. Ecology of extreme soil environments - soil water stress; 6. Ecology of polluted soils; 7. Manipulation of soil ecology - 'soil biotechnology; References; Further reading; Index.


"...Advanced undergraduates, graduates, and faculty in soil science or any related discipline will value Kilham's unique perspective." M.G. Messina, Choice "...highly readable and will likely serve to excite undergraduates, even those not previously exposed to soil science, with an appreciation for the diversity of conditions and organisms occurring in soils...will likely serve to interest undergraduates and beginning graduate students in basic and applied aspects of soil ecology." Knute Nadelhoffer, Ecoscience "Soil Ecology emphasizes microbes but maintains a broad outlook. It is an excellent exposition of soil ecology. The text belongs on the bookshelf of any biologist interested in the environment and of some biologists who should be. I enjoyed reading the book and recommend it highly." D. A. Crossley Jr., BioScience "...Kilham treads his way warily and largely successfully...the outcome is a well-integrated book..." Peter Moore, New Scientist "A definite must for all who are interested in ecology, environmental science, plant science, microbiology, and agriculture." Northeastern Naturalist
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