Power and Politics in California

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Now in its ninth edition, "Power and Politics in California" continues its tradition of asking Californians to take a hard and systematic look at their state governance, and engage themselves in a critical analysis of what is working, what is not, and what changes need to be made for the state to meet the increasingly formidable challenges it faces. The "era of Arnold" is now in its mid-stages, and the rise of this very different political personality has had significant impacts on the state. This ninth edition provides analysis of Governor Schwarzenegger in context and looks forward to how California's fiscal condition, educational system, and response to diversity will play a vital role in shaping the state's politics in the future.


Preface. PART I CALIFORNIA POLITICS: THE IMMEDIATE AND HISTORIC BACKDROP 1. California's Wild Ride: A Very Different Kind of Governor 2. California's Political History. PART II CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT'S CONSTITUTIONAL BRANCHES 3. The California Legislature. 4. The Executive Branch. 5. The California Judiciary. 6. Local Government in California. PART III LINKING THE PUBLIC TO THE SYSTEM 7. Interest Group Power in California. 8. Political Parties and the Media: Linking the Public to the Process. 9. Elections in California. PART IV CALIFORNIA' POLITICAL FUTURE: FISCAL AND HUMAN CHALLENGES 10. Budgetary Politics in California. 11. Big State, Big Challenges
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