People with Intellectual Disabilities: Towards a Good Life?

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September 2010



This book takes as its starting point the concept of 'the good life' and the challenge of ensuring people with intellectual disabilities are included in 'the good life.' The book explores the values underpinning current discourses of disability, analyzes their strengths and limitations, and proposes some alternative approaches to theory and practice. It deconstructs key concepts, theories, and practices within the learning disability field in the post institution era, and it identifies the values, strengths, and limits of these approaches. The book explores the boundaries around those included in the category 'disabled,' those on its margins, and those who move in and out of this category. It also proposes some alternative formulations to existing theories and practices, and explores their practical implications for the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Using evidence from the UK, Australia, Bangladesh, and the Republic of Ireland, People with Intellectual Disabilities bu


Introduction: exploring a good life;
Part one: Reflecting on a good life: My own Life: Marie Wolfe;Thinking about a good life;
A good life and people with intellectual disabilities;
Part two: Re-examining key concepts in the light of current practice: A good life in policy?;
Changing problems changing solutions;
Changing constructions of work;
Part three: Rethinking a good life: Justice, rights and capabilities;
Community, inclusion and belonging;
Promoting a good life;


Kelley Johnson is Professor of Disability Policy and Practice at the University of Bristol. Prior to this she was a Marie Curie Fellow at Trinity College Dublin where she facilitated a national programme on inclusive research with people with intellectual disabilities. Jan Walmsley is Visiting Chair in the History of Learning Disability at the Open University and a founder member of the Social History of Learning Disability Research Group. She currently works as an independent researcher and consultant. Marie Wolfe is a self-advocate living in Ireland. She has been advocating for rights for people with intellectual disabilities for some years and sees it as her vocation.


"This book challenges current ideas on what constitutes a 'good enough' life for people with intellectual disabilities and proposes new ideas on how to make a truly 'good life' possible." Dorothy Atkinson, Open University "If you need to be challenged to reflect on what 'a good life' should mean for people with intellectual disabilities this book is an excellent place to begin that quest." Gordon Grant, Emeritus Professor, Centre for Health and Social Care Research, Sheffield Hallam University
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