Religion and Global Order

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April 2000



This volume elucidates and evaluates the role of religion and theology in the contemporary conception of the question of global order. It also assesses the influence of religion on the conduct of international relations as these increasingly assume a global dimension.


John Esposito and Michael Watson - Overview - the significance of religion for global order; Scott Thomas - Religious resurgence - postmodernism and world politics; James Piscatori - Religious transnationalism and global order, with particular consideration of Islam; Michael Walsh - Catholicism and international relations - papal interventionism; John Esposito - Political Islam and global order; Paul Badham - Religion and the fall of Communism; Simon Murden - Religion and the political and social order in the Middle East; Jeff Haynes - Renaissance of political religion in the Third World in the context of global change; Sulak Sivaraska - Buddhist response to global development; Dan Cohn - Sherbok - Judaism and global theology; John Haught - Theology, ecology and the idea of global order


John Eposito is director of the Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding, Georgetown University, USA. Michael Watson was, until 1999, senior lecturer in the Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.


'The collection provides a useful corrective to the "religion as a threat" position that often dominates textbooks on international relations, if religion is mentioned.' International Affairs 'Much of the book's analysis will be of interest to audiences in Europe, North America, and indeed in the third world.' Reviews in Religion and Theology
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