101 Ways to Know You're Having a Ghetto Christmas

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The hilarious, talented trio of Wayans brothers--Keenen, Shawn, and Marlon--present their first holiday humor book. Features 101 full-page cartoons with classic black & white illustrations along with funny--and memorable--captions.


KEENEN IVORY WAYANS was the first Wayans brother to make his mark in the entertainment world. After years of stand-up, in 1987 Keenen produced and co-wrote Eddie Murphy's "Raw" and followed that up with "Hollywood Shuffle." Next came "I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka," the classic parody of blaxploitation movies. Keenen moved into television with "In Living Color," which also featured SHAWN WAYANS and MARLON WAYANS. Shawn and Marlon created and starred in their own sitcom, "The Wayans Bros, "which ran for five years on the WB. Then the three brothers teamed up again, to produce the hit parody of "coming of age in the 'hood" movies, "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood." Their "Scary Movie" and "Scary Movie 2 "and "White Chicks" have grossed over $500 million, and they've teamed up again for their next Wayans Brothers project, "Dance Flick" (MTV Films).Marlon Wayans also appears in the feature film "G.I. Joe."
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