Seeds of Time

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Thirteen-year-old Darrell Connor is a troubled girl, still haunted by the motorcycle accident that took her father's life and part of her leg three years ago. She is not pleased when her worried mother sends her to board at Eagle Glen School for the summer. But there is a sense of mystery at the school that appeals to Darrell, and as she investigates, she finds adventure and begins to form a few tentative friendships. When she stumbles upon a passage through time, she begins to wonder - is it possible to change her own past?


kc dyer is a freelance writer. She lives with her menagerie of children and animals in Lions Bay, British Columbia, where she produces the local newspaper. She is the author of the acclaimed Eagle Glen novels, featuring Darrell O'Connor and her friends. Find out more at


...Dyer has cleverly combined four genres of children's fiction: the summer vacation adventure, the school story, the time-shift fantasy, and the mystery." -- Children's Literature Newsletter, Autumn 2003 "Younger middle school readers will be most attracted to this mystery." -- VOYA, February 2004
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Untertitel: An Eagle Glen Trilogy Book. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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