C++: Effective Object-Oriented Software Construction: Concepts, Practices, Industrial Strategies and Practices

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For C++ Intermediate Programming courses.
C++: Effective Object-Oriented Software Construction, Second Edition Is crafted to help students understand the C++ object-oriented paradigm in depth. It teaches to translate object concepts to practical solutions, no matter what software development environment encountered. This edition Is updated for the new ANSI C++ standard. The text introduces the fundamentals of object-oriented design/programming in the context of real world C++ software development, presenting proven strategies for using C++ to engineer elegant, high-quality software as quickly and efficiently as possible.


I. CONCEPTS, PRACTICES, AND APPLICATIONS. 1. What Is Object-Oriented Programming? 2. What Is Data Abstraction? 3. Data Abstraction with C++. 4. Initialization and Garbage Collection within OOP. 5. The Inheritance Concept. 6. The Concept of Multiple Inheritance. 7. Selective Exports from Classes (Friend Functions). 8. The Concept of Operator Overloading. 9. Generic Types. 10. Expecting the Unexpected. II. USING OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING EFFECTIVELY. 11. Mastering Data Abstraction. 12. Using Inheritance Effectively. 13. Understanding the C++ Object Model. Appendix. Bibliographical References and Recommended Reading. Index.


KAYSHAV DATTATRI is project leader at Netscape Communications Corp. He was formerly technical leader at Taligent, Inc., where he designed and implemented software for a leading-edge, object-oriented application development framework. He is also an independent consultant/trainer in the areas of object-oriented design and C++. He has more than a decades experience with a broad range of object-oriented languages, including C++, Smalltalk, Eiffel, and Modula-2. He is a well-known instructor for the University of California Berkeley Extension program and is very popular for his depth of knowledge and natural flair for teaching. He has been programming with C++ since 1987.
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