Dialogues: Women Artists from Ireland

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Januar 2005



This illuminating book brings together interviews with sixteen contemporary women artists whose work was exhibited in Ireland in the 1990s, a significant decade for art in Ireland with the opening of new art museums and galleries and an appreciable rise in the numbers and visible presence of women artists. Each of the interviews covers a decade of art production and exhibition in the life of each artist. While the artists interviewed live and work internationally-in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Belgium and the US--each of the artists has an individual and complex relationship to Ireland. Ireland is also a problematic locus for a wide range of concerns: motherhood, sexuality, concepts of home and family, a place of estrangement and dislocation, migration and return. An equally wide range of strategies in the making of contemporary art are discussed, including drawing, painting, installation, sculpture, performance, and public art projects.


Katy Deepwell is the founder and editor of the international feminist art journal n.paradoxa, and a freelance artist, art critic and lecturer. Her books include, as editor, Women Artists and Modernism.


"It is important not to overlook how women artists have been representing Ireland internationally ..."Dialogues "is a vigorous and welcome contribution to this material"-- Suzanna Chanof the "Association of Art Historians"
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