Sentencing in the Age of Information: From Faust to Macintosh

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Februar 2005



Applying media and communication studies to sentencing and penal culture, Franko Aas offers a lucid and innovative account of how punishment is adjusting to a new cultural climate.


Introduction. 'Sentencing-at-a-Distance'. How Information Lost its Body. Computerized Justice as a Trend. The End of 'Delinquent With a Soul'. Data-Vidual. From Faust to Macintosh


Katja Franko Aas is senior researcher at the Institute of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo.


"This volume is a welcome addition to the sparse literature dealing with sentencing from sociological perspective." - CCJ Volume 6, Issue 2"'One of the main strengths of the book is the way in which Aas draws on the work of a range of theorists including Foucault, Garland and Feeley and Simon who have developed this approach in the field of criminal justice." - Neil Hutton, University of Strathclyde, UK"It is no easy task to do justice to the many virtues of this book in the space of a review [Aas ] book 's wide-ranging exploration into the practices of penological knowing and deciding will be an example and a point of departure for subsequent researchers in the field.
This book would be an excellent choice for any advanced course in penal theory." Punishment & Society, vol 9 issue 4, October 2007
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