Immersed in the Sacred: Discovering the "Small S" Sacraments

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März 2003



Immersed in the Sacred is an invitation to find the holy in the people, places, activities, and objects that fill our days. Through personal reflections on her own "ordinary" life, Kathy Coffey encourages each of us to explore our lives and to find the sacred that surrounds us. Whether it's a beautiful mountain view or a simple hotel room, every place can be a doorway to the sacred. And every activity can be a vehicle for grace, whether it's a shared meal with family or friends or huffing and puffing our way through an aerobics class. While respecting the sacraments celebrated in church, how do we also find the holy in the office, home, garage, or shop? Immersed in the Sacred shows us.


"If spirituality means opening one's mind, body, and heart to the holy in the everyday, and I certainly think it does, then kathy Coffey eloquently helps us find the sacred everywhere and in everyone."
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