E. Stanley Jones Had a Wife: The Life and Mission of Mabel Lossing Jones

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E. Stanley Jones Had a Wife: The Life and Mission of Mabel Lossing Jones is the first biographical study of the extraordinary yet largely unheralded life of Mabel Lossing Jones, wife of the famed evangelist E. Stanley Jones. This pioneer in evangelism in the early to mid 1900s, particularly in India, here emerges out of the shadow of her celebrated husband as a multi-faceted woman leader of the world Christian movement. Mabel was commissioned to India in 1904 by the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She served at the Khandwa Girls' Orphanage and later trained teachers at the Lal Bagh School in Lucknow, India. Mabel was singled out in June of 1909 by the British Colonial government to start a teacher training school in Hawa Bagh. After a year on furlough, she returned to India as a missionary for the Methodist Episcopal Church and married E. Stanley Jones in 1911. Mabel was a regular correspondent on matters of education and discipline with Mahatma Gandhi, she sat on the Municipal Council of Sitapur with ten Hindu men and ten Muslim men for 20 years, and she served on the Board of Governors of the Isabella Thoburn College.


Part 1 Foreward Part 2 Editor's Preface Part 3 Acknowledgments Part 4 Author's Note Part 5 Abbreviations Part 6 Introduction Chapter 7 1. Beginnings Chapter 8 2. Assignment: Sitapur Chapter 9 3. Transitions, Trials, and Travels Chapter 10 4. Furlough Frustrations Chapter 11 5. Round Three Chapter 12 6. Finishing Touches Chapter 13 7. Contributions to Mission and Holiness Part 14 Glossary Part 15 Bibliography Part 16 Index Part 17 About the Author


Kathryn Reese Hendershot is a historian of the life and ministry of Mabel Lossing Jones. She holds a Doctorate of Missiology degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.


This volume presents the first biography of Mable Lossing Jones (1878-1978), wife of the evangelist E. Stanley Jones. Hendershot aims to rectify the omission of women in missionary history and empower women in leadership positions. She examines Jones' methods, philosophy, and influence and recounts her life, including her role as a teacher trainer and missionary in India prior to her marriage, her regular correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi, and her positions on the Municipal Council of Sitapur and Board of Governors of Isabella Thoburn College. Reference and Research Book News, August 2007
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