Women and Property in China, 960-1949

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Januar 2002



Drawing on newly available archival case records, this book demonstrates that Chinese women's rights to property changed substantially from the Song through the Qing dynasties, and even more dramatically under the Republican Civil Code of 1929-30.


Introduction; 1. The inheritance rights of daughters from the Song through the Qing; 2. The inheritance rights of widows from the song through the Qing; 3. Widows and patrilineal succession in the early republican period; 4. Property inheritance under the republican civil code; 5. Widows' inheritance under the republican code; 6. Daughters' inheritance rights under the republican code; 7. The property rights of concubines in the imperial and republican periods; Conclusion; References; Character list; Index.


Kathryn Bernhardt is Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles.


'This is an original and wholly new analysis of changes in women's inheritance rights in Chinese families from the Song dynasty through the Republican era ... With her mastery of the legal code and the language of casebooks, as well as her access to unique archival collections, Bernhardt's findings rest on an irreproachable mass of data; the book is a classic example of careful scholarship. Specialists will applaud its publication, and anyone with a general interest in Chinese women's history will be eager to learn its findings.' Susan Mann, University of California, Davis
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