Those Winter Sundays: Female Academics and Their Working-Class Parents

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Dezember 2004



This collection of memoirs examines the relationship between daughters with academic degrees and their working-class parents. Each contributor explores the influence that higher education has had on her relationship with her parent(s), as well as their influence on her academic work.


Chapter 1 Foreword by Janet Zandy Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction by Kathleen A. Welsch Chapter 4 The Seams That Stood All the Changes: Keeping It Together in Academia Chapter 5 You Ain't Never Gonna Be Better Than Me Chapter 6 The Uses of Denial, or the Psychology of Class Chapter 7 Living and Learning in the Balance Chapter 8 From White Trash to White Collar Chapter 9 Another Cup Chapter 10 "A Circle" or, Strangely, a Life in School Chapter 11 The Ever Present Past Chapter 12 Red Necks, Blue Collars, and Schooling Chapter 13 A Waitress, A Hairdresser, and Their Daughters Who Became Professors Chapter 14 Literacy and the Quality of Life Chapter 15 Army Green and the University: The After Life of War Wounds Chapter 16 I Know What to Look For Chapter 17 Fragments/I (Re)member Chapter 18 Speaking in Tongues: The Complications of Difference, Loyalty, and Entitlement in an Academic Life Chapter 19 Contributor Information


Kathleen A. Welsch is Associate Professor of English at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Professor Welsch holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pittsburgh.


These memoirs are all refreshingly readable in accessible language so that they may be shared with students at all levels, from freshman to graduate students. Those Winter Sundays is an important contribution to the emerging field of working-class studies. Feminist Formations
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