Womens Activism in Russia PB

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Juni 1997



Provides an introduction to the women's movement and women's organizations in Russia and shows how their ability to organize was constrained by social structures and state policies. This book focuses on the development of women's activism and the challenges for activists in a time of resurgent nationalism and turmoil over democratic reform.


Preface 1. Introduction 2. Women's Activism in Historical Context Tsarist Autocracy and Constraints on Women's Activism The Soviet Order Elvira Novikova 3. Three Women and the Transition Economic and Political Transformations Women and the Economy Women and Political Voice Organizing Women as Politics Alternative "Emancipations" Natalia Belokopytova The State and Ideological Emancipation 4. The Union of Women of Russia and Alevtina Fedulova The Soviet Women's Committee The Committee and the Transition Alevtina Fedulova 5. The Zhensovety and Ol'ga Bessolova Zhensovety Ol'ga Bessolova 6. The Center for Gender Studies, the Independent Women's Forum, and Anastasia Posadskaya The Center for Gender Studies Anastasia Posadskaya 7. The Women's League, Gaia, and Elena Ershova The Women's League Gaia Elena Ershova 8. Business and Economic Development Organizations The Transition and Economic Organizing Conversion and Women and Eleanora Ivanova The Association of Small Towns and Tatiana Tsertsvadze The International Institute for Entrepreneurial Development and Leah Lerner Economic Organizations and the Women's Movement 9. Interpreting Russian Women's Activism Activists' Lives in Historical Context Analyzing the Women's Movement Appendix A Registered Women's Organizations in Russia Appendix B Open Letter to American Women Issued on Behalf of the Congress of Soviet Women, July 1993 Notes Interviews with Portrayed Activists Works Cited Index
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