How Shakespeare Cleaned His Teeth and Cromwell Treated His Warts: Secrets of the 17th Century Medicine Cabinet

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Mai 2007



What was medicine like in the time of Shakespeare and Oliver

Cromwell? How did Charles I cure a headache, or Samuel Pepys

get rid of kidney stones? Katherine Knight opens up the delights

of the Stuart medicine cabinet in this fascinating romp through

seventeenth-century medicine and cosmetics. Documenting the

all-important use of household substances and do-it-yourself

remedies, this book looks at the emergence of modern medicine

from everyday cures such as herbs, oils and foods. Offering solutions

for all sorts of nasty afflictions, from digestive disturbances

to sexually transmitted diseases, it also describes how our seventeenth-

century counterparts enjoyed the benefits of soap,

moisturiser and toothpaste. With insight into the lives of those

who lived in this remarkable period, How Shakespeare Cleaned

His Teeth is much more than a medical history. It is an intimate

investigation into the private lives of the spirited Stuarts.


Katherine Knight trained as a teacher of home economics before bringing up her four children. She ran the poetry writing club at the City Lit, Holborn for many years and has now transferred the history of cooking to the history of domestic medicine. She is the author of The Mother and Daughter Cookbook and The Cookery Book Club. She lives in Strawberry Hill.

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