Precipice: A Novel of Lust and Lies

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November 2007



In "Precipice" we meet the charming, conniving Crystal Autry, a young woman from a tiny town in Alabama, adrift in post-World War II Europe. Crystal is on a quest, searching for easy amours and well as a missing link in her own story.
Insinuating herself into the villa of the rich and mysterious Miranda, Crystal sets out to charm her and sashay into her elevated society. Miranda's erratic behavior is mystifying, but Crystal sees that only as encouragement to her own plans. Shrouded in regrets and harboring deep pain, Miranda and Crystal are both damaged by their pasts, uncertain of their futures.
Set in the gorgeous landscape of the Mediterranean coast in the late 1940s, with an outrageous cast of characters, "Precipice" is the riveting story of two women haunted by their pasts and flirting with catastrophe. In the end both must decide whether to embrace a life of deceit and despair, or dare to follow the path that leads to the precipice.

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