One Eye'd Leigh

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Mai 2009



Written by one of poetry's most original and gifted young voices, this collection of portraits and experiments embraces both the ordinary and the surreal in its attempt to make sense of an ever-changing, often disorienting world. Offering a wry approach to love and relationships, the poems are woven with a thread of romances spanning the author's native South Africa and her adopted home of London. At times playful and at others deeply moving, the verses reflect on everyday forms, imagining that the geometry of a chair, for example, might more accurately express love than the traditional lines of a sonnet. With familiar and uncomplicated language, these delicately crafted poems present a truly unique perspective on the mundane and marvelous aspects of life.


Contents You were a bird Portrait of Our Death Portrait of the beach Self-portrait with Colwyn (doing the dishes) Stitch and unpick Loose ends Fallen down things Sleeping bridges The small Karoo Test pieces The vineyard The surfaces Onscreen Vehicles Attachment Revolution Potholes Amazement My name changed Homecoming Goodbye is a semi-circle Like we did (salt, coffee and apricot jam) The boy with a fire in his boot The conductor and the world in the wallpaper The Liberty Cap An incident among the wildflowers How the fish lost its head Recycled small boys A perfect love The grey fox Dirty little rat The secret life of objects The concealing chair A knapsack for lovers The way we look is a game of chess How we hold each other Music box Planting bulbs at Arnold Circus The things I take The way birds stand Kolya's nails The opportunistic lover Alfred


Originally from South Africa, Katharine Kilalea moved to London in 2005 to study an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. She has received an Arts Council Award for poetry, and poems have appeared (or are due to shortly appear) in books and journals including PN Review, Stand, Magma, Carapace, Pen Pusher, New Coin and a poem on chairs appeared in Martino Gamper's design book, 100 Chairs in 100 days and its 100 Ways. She lives and works as a journalist in London.
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