Reading Development and Difficulties

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"Reading Development and Difficulties" is a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the development of the two core aspects of reading: good word reading skills and the ability to extract the overall meaning of a text.Unique in its balanced coverage of both word reading and reading comprehension development, this book is an essential resource for undergraduates studying literacy acquisitionOffers wide coverage of the subject and discusses both typical development and the development of difficulties in readingAccessibly written for students and professionals with no previous background in reading development or reading difficultiesProvides a detailed examination of the specific problems that underlie reading difficulties


Preface xi 1 Introduction to the study of reading 1 What is reading? 2 The relationship between written and spoken language 4 How to study reading development and reading difficulties 14 Overview of the rest of this book 20 2 Skilled word reading 25 Word reading: Assessment and sources of variation 26 Models of skilled word recognition 36 3 The skilled comprehender 47 What do we forget and what do we remember? 48 Local and global coherence 52 Models of text representation 59 4 Learning to read words 67 Ways to read words 68 Skills and knowledge that aid word reading development 74 Phases of word reading development 81 What drives word reading development? 85 5 The development of reading comprehension 95 The relations between word reading, listening comprehension and reading comprehension 96 Skills and knowledge that support reading comprehension 99 Reading comprehension development 112 6 Developmental dyslexia 121 Developmental dyslexia: Definitions and characteristics 122 Theories of dyslexia 126 A look at subtypes: Are all dyslexic children the same or do different types of dyslexic exist? 134 Dyslexia across the lifespan: Precursors, compensation and consequences 140 7 Reading comprehension difficulties 147 What is poor reading comprehension? 148 Sources of discourse comprehension failure 153 Causes of discourse comprehension failure 164 The consequences of poor discourse comprehension 166 8 Instruction and intervention 171 Instruction and interventions for word reading 172 Instruction and interventions for reading comprehension 179 Support and instruction for reading development 185 9 The assessment of reading 191 Assessment matters 192 Word reading assessment: What, when and how? 196 The assessment of reading comprehension: What, when and how? 201 10 The Simple View of Reading: A framework for the study of reading development and reading difficulties 213 The Simple View of Reading: A brief overview 214 The Simple View of Reading and reading development 215 The Simple View of Reading and reading difficulties 218 The Simple View of Reading: An evaluation 219 Reading development and reading difficulties: Implications 220 Conclusions 221 Bibliography 223 Glossary 247 Index 253


Kate Cain , D.Phil., is a Reader in the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University. Her research focuses on the development of language comprehension in children and she has a particular interest in the cognitive and language-related skill deficits that lead to comprehension problems. To date, she has published widely on language and reading development in journals such as Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, and Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, and has written 15 book chapters and co-edited Children's Comprehension Problems in Oral and Written Language: a Cognitive Perspective (with Jane Oakhill, 2007). She is Associate Editor for the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders and the Journal of Research in Reading .


"Intended for undergraduates studying literacy acquisition and for professionals with no previous background in reading development or difficulties, Cain provides a balanced, comprehensive, accessible introduction to the development of the two core aspects of reading - good word-reading skills and the ability to extract the overall meaning of a text." ( Higher Times Education , November 2010)
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