The Pilates Edge

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Complete body conditioning for golf, running, tennis, swimming, cycling, skiing, and other sports and activities. Originally developed by Joseph Pilates for boxers, gymnasts, and dancers, Pilates is a unique body-conditioning method that teaches precision movement generated from the center of the body--the "powerhouse"--which includes the abdominal muscles, lower back, and buttocks. The Pilates Edge demonstrates how the basic principles of Pilates can enhance sports training and promote athletic achievement as well as everyday health and fitness. With this instructive book, athletes and anyone seeking to improve their physical performance will learn to strengthen and condition their bodies while preventing injuries through a basic Pilates workout, designed with variations for beginner and advanced levels. The authors provide specific workouts for golf, running, racket sports, swimming, cycling, and skiing, giving special attention to the muscle groups and common injuries associated with each sport. Glossary. Index.


Karrie Adamany is the founder of ab lab', a service that sends certified Pilates instructors to major hotels and private residences in America. This service has been recognized as a hot fitness trend in magazines such as Elle, Gotham, Australian Vogue, and Where New York. A certified Pilates instructor, Karrie is the founder of the Pilates Edge Studio in New York City. Daniel Loigerot is a certified personal trainer and martial arts instructor in judo. A former French National Triathlete, he has also served as a trainer for the French National II Basketball Team and the French National Cycling Team. He is currently an instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method' at the Pilates Edge Studio in New York City.

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