Human Memory: Exploration and Application

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August 1998



Now is an exciting time for the study of human memory. New research methods are being introduced, discoveries are reported, and fierce debates are waged in both research labs and the public arena. This book provides an up-to-date overview of the multifaceted study of memory. Written in a lucid and engaging style, this book presents cutting edge advances in human memory research fully integrated within the mainstream of the cognitive approach. It introduces research issues, describes important research paradigms, and identifies connections across different traditions of memory research. A variety of perspectives are presented, including psychobiological, developmental, neuropsychological, applied, and the traditional cognitive point of view. Psychologists and professors.


Each chapter begins with "Introduction" and ends with "Conclusion." 1. Introduction. Thinking about Memory. Investigating Memory. Memory in the Context of Cognition. Preview. 2.The Pioneers of Memory Research From Ebbinghaus to Lashley. Experimental Study of Memory. Neuropsychological and Psychodynamic Views of Memory. Learning and Memory in Animals. 3.Memory and Brain. Research Methods in Neuroscience. Plasticity in the Brain. Where Are Memories Located? The Hippocampus. Frontal Lobes. 4.Memory for Facts. Episodic Memory. Semantic Memory. 5.Memory for Skills. Implicit Memory. Learning and Remembering Cognitive Skills. 6.Working Memory. The Two-Store Model of Memory and Its Critics. Activity in Working Memory. The Multiple-Components Model of Working Memory. 7.Models of Memory. The SAM Model. Neural Network Models. Anderson' ACT Framework. 8.Memory from Infancy to Old Age: Developmental Changes. Memory Development during Childhood. Memory Changes during Older Adulthood. 9.Autobiographical and Emotional Memories. Autobiographical Memory. Remembering Emotional Events. The Memory Wars. 10.Memory Impairments. The Amnesic Disorders. Impairment of Specialized Memory Functions. Alzheimer's Disease. 11.Issues in Memory Research. How Many Memories? Memory: What Are the Important Questions? 12.Memory in Everyday Life. Remembering and Forgetting in Everyday Life. Education. Memory and the Law. Coping with Memory Impairments.
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