International Justice for Former Yugoslavia: The Workings of the International Criminal Tribunal of the Hague

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April 1996



The extremely serious nature of the crimes committed in former Yugoslavia caused the United Nations Security Council, in its resolution 827 of 25 May, 1993, to establish an "ad hoc" international criminal Tribunal which would be required to try those persons responsible for serious breaches of international humanitarian law committed on the territory of former Yugoslavia between 1 January, 1991 and a date to be determined by the Council after peace has been restored.' This international jurisdiction, which has been in existence in the Hague since 17 November, 1993, depends on the political will of the nations to provide it with the means to accomplish its allotted task and to organise international judicial cooperation to assist it. "International Justice for Former Yugoslavia" explains the way in which the Tribunal - unique of its kind - is designed to work, and to acquaint victims and witnesses with the means available to them to institute proceedings as well as the protective measures of which they may avail themselves. In other words, it is a key to access to the International Tribunal in the Hague. The information will also alert public opinion and mobilize holders of public office and public figures in regard to the need to bring war criminals to justice. The Tribunal is competent to render justice, thus making it possible to end immunity from punishment, a condition which is a "sine qua non" for a return to lasting peace. It also constitutes a vital link with the hoped-for future creation of an international criminal court.


Prefaces. Introduction. I: General Introduction to the Tribunal and its Modus Operandi. I. Organization of the Court. II. Jurisdiction of the Tribunal. III. Procedures. II: Aid, Protection and Facilities Available to Victims and Witnesses. I. Financial and Institutional Aspects of Aid and Protection. II. Protection Given to Victims and Witnesses: Indispensable but Still Inadequate. III. Lightening the Burden of Proof: The Example of Sexual Assault. III: The Crux of the Matter: Bringing the Offenders to Trial. I. Trying the Criminals: The Necessity of Cooperation from the States. II. Trying the Criminals: The Resources Allocated. Conclusion. Summary Bibliography. Organizations which Took the Initiative to Produce This Book. Appendices: -Resolution 808 of the Security Council (22 February, 1993) -Resolution 827 of the Security Council (25 May 1993) -Settlement of Procedure and Proof of the Hague Tribunal.
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