Doing Your Undergraduate Social Science Dissertation

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Covers the whole dissertation journey from project planning to submission. Using a mixture of useful information, exercises, practical strategies, case study material and further reading, this book helps you through the process, giving hints and tips on beginning and managing your research project and working with your supervisors.


1. What is a dissertation?
2. Getting support
3. Getting started on your dissertation
4. Literature searching
5. Designing your research methodology
6. Data collection
7. Research ethics and being a responsible researcher
8. Quantitative data analysis
9. Qualitative data analysis
10. Writing the dissertation
11. Finding your academic voice in your writing
12. Beyond submission: Making the most of your dissertation


Karen Smith is Research Fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University. Malcolm Todd is Senior Academic at Sheffield Hallam University, where he is Head of Learning and Teaching for the Faculty of Development and Society. Julia Waldman is Principal Research Officer at the National Foundation for Educational Research, the UK's largest independent educational research organization.
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