National Abjection: The Asian American Body on Stage

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Dezember 2002



Explores the ways that playwrights and performers have dealt with the presentation of the Asian American body on stage, given the historical construction of Asian Americanness as abject and unpresentable.


Acknowledgments Introduction - "It's not right for a body to know its origins" "I should be - American!" Abjection and the Asian (American) body "the dance that's happening" : Performance, Politics, and Asian American Theatre Companies We'come a Chinatowng, Folks!": Resisting Abjection "I'll be here... right where you left me: Mimetic Abjection/Abject Mimicry "Whose history is this, anyway?: Changing Geographies in Ping Chong's East- West Quartet Afterword "then we'll have drama Notes; Bibliography


Karen Shimakawa is Assistant Professor in the Department of English and the Asian American Studies Program at the University of California, Davis. She is coeditor of "Orientations: Mapping Studies in the Asian Diaspora," published by Duke University Press.


"I have anticipated the publication of Karen Shimakawa's book for quite some time now... [S]he offers a fresh perspective under the compelling rubric of abjection, presenting the most effective examination of this well-covered terrain to date... Shimakawa's application of abjection to Asian American dramaturgy and performance is a valuable contribution to the growing discourse in Asian American cultural studies. Her book functions effectively as a coherent narrative and as a group of essays with diverse subject matter. Such a feat is difficult to accomplish."--Claire Conceison, Asian Theatre Journal "Considering the relatively uncharted terrain of Asian American theater and performance ... National Abjection is a welcome addition to this growing body of criticism."--Mark Chiang, American Literature "National Abjection is an important contribution to the fields of performance studies and Asian American studies, while also of interest to scholars examining transnationalism, globalization, critical race theory, and the body."--Dan Bacalzo, Journal of Asian Studies Listed in Theatre Journal, Asian Week, Critical Inquiry, CHE and boundary 2.
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