Black and White Media: Black Images in Popular Film and Television

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Januar 1996



aeo This book offers an accessible, historically informed and up--to--date analysis of the ways Black communities have been portrayed by popular media, namely film and television. aeo By drawing on both American and British examples, the author offers a wide--ranging account of the complex relations between Black communities and popular media.


Authora s Note. Part I: Film:. 1. Down and Out in Beverley Hills: Black Portraits and the White Imagination. 2. Black Fights Back Part I: Black Filmmakers and Strategies of Opposition in Britain. 3. Black Fights Back Part II: Black Filmmaking and Strategies of Opposition in America. Part II: Television: . 4. Small but Imperfectly Formed: Small Screen Portraits of Otherness. 5. Minority Interests: British Television and the Multicultural Agenda. Part III: Film and Television:. 6. Reading Black Media. 7. Twenty--First Century Blues. Bibliography. General Index. Index of Films. Index of TV Programmes.


Karen Ross is a Research Officer at the Centre for Mass Communication Research at the University of Leicester.


"A strong first chapter, drawing on analyses of cultural hybridity by Stuart Hall and Paul Gilroy, paves the way for a delicately nuanced tight--rope walk through the history of assimilation, resistance, a blacknessa , a ethnic nationalisma , bringing us to todaya s a new transgressive modes of beinga ... An important and enjoyable book." New Times "Karen Ross has written a most valuable and acutely observed book which should be required reading in all media institutions." Louis Danner--Mahoney, Vice--President, Equity, and Chair, Afro--Asian Committee
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