Math Word Problems

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Presents easy-to-use review of the basics of solving math word problems. This title helps you to: discover the six basic steps for solving word problems; translate English-language statements into equations and then solve them; solve geometry problems involving single and multiple shapes; and, work on proportion and percent problems.


Introduction.Why You Need This Book.How to Use This Book.Visit Our Web Site.Chapter 1: Translating Expressions.Keywords of Basic Mathematical Operations.Addition keywords.Subtraction keywords.Multiplication keywords.Division keywords.Keywords That Indicate a Change in Order.Basic turnaround words.Addition turnaround words.Subtraction turnaround words.Multiplication turnaround words.Division turnaround words.Chapter 2: Inserting Parentheses.Translating a Comma and IS.Leading Keywords.Adjacent Keywords.Turnaround Words.Chapter 3: Simplifying Expressions.Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition.Combining Like Terms.Distributing a Negative Number.Chapter 4: Equations.Keywords Indicating Equality.Solving Simple Linear Equations.Defining an algebraic expression.Defining an algebraic equation.Four steps for solving simple linear equations.Checking Solutions and Translations.Checking solutions.Checking your translation.Chapter 5: Geometry Problems.Triangles.Perimeter of a triangle.Area of a triangle.Sum of the measures of the angles.Rectangles and Squares.Perimeter of a rectangle.Area of a rectangle.Perimeter of a square.Area of a square.Multiple Shapes.Other Easily Visualized Word Problems.Chapter 6: Proportions and Percents.Proportion Problems.Proportion Word Problems.Percent Problems.Percent Word Problems.Chapter 7: Summation Problems Using the Board Method.Simple Board Problems.Consecutive Integers.Consecutive Even and Odd Integers.Other Problems that Can Be Represented with a Board.Chapter 8: Solving Word Problems Using Tried-and-True Methods.Polya's Four-Step Process.Expanding on Polya's four steps.The five steps of the tried-and-true methods.Consecutive Integers.Consecutive Even and Odd Integers.Other Problems that Cannot Be Represented with a Board.Chapter 9: Systems of Equations Using the Board Method.Money Problems.Investment Problems.Mixture Problems.Distance Problems.Chapter 10: Systems of Equations Using Tried-and-True Methods.Money Problems.Investment Problems.Mixture Problems.Distance Problems.Chapter 11: Common Errors.Variable Omission.Variable Reversal.Methods for Avoiding Common Errors.A firm foundation.Errors in translation.Errors in solving an equation.Errors in answering the question.CQR Review.CQR Resource Center.Glossary.Index.


Karen Anglin, a mathematics instructor at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, since 1990, regularly presents workshops to teachers on best practices for teaching math word problems. She holds an MS in Statistics and a BS in Mathematics from Texas A&M University.
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