Immigrant Faiths: Transforming Religious Life in America

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Recent immigrants are creating their own unique religious communities within existing denominations or developing hybrid identities that combine strands of several faiths or traditions. These changes call for new thinking among both scholars of religion and scholars of migration. Immigrant Faiths responds to these changes with fresh thinking from new and established scholars from a wide range of disciplines. Covering groups from across the U.S. and a range of religious traditions, Immigrant Faiths provides a needed overview to this expanding subfield.


1 Introduction 2 God is Apparently Not Dead: The Obvious, the Emergent, and the Unknown in Immigration and Religion 3 "Brought Together Upon Our Own Continent": Race, Religion, and Evangelical Nationalism in American Baptist Home Missions 1865-1900 4 Daddy Grace: an Immigrant's Story 5 Ritual Transformations in Okinawan Immigrant Communities 6 Religion and the Maintenance of Ethnicity among Immigrants? A Comparison of Indian Hindus and Korean Protestants 7 Changing Religious Practices among Cambodian Immigrants in Long Beach and Seattle 8 Religion and Transnational Migration in the New Chinatown 9 The Protestant Ethic and the Dis-Spirit of Vodou 10 Structural and Cultural Hybrids: Religious Congregational Life and Public Participation of Mexicans in the New South 11 Historicizing and Materializing the Study of Religion: The Contribution of Migration Studies 12 INDEX 13 ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS


Karen I. Leonard is professor of anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. Alex Stepick is professor of anthropology and sociology and the director of the Immigration and Ethnicity Institute, Florida International University in Miami. Manuel A. Vasquez is associate professor of religion, University of Florida. Jennifer Holdaway is program officer for the International Migration Program at the Social Science Research Council.


These studies highlight pliable and pragmatic understandings of religion, point out transnational religious networks, and emphasize religion's role in preserving immigrants' languages and cultural continuity. Religious Studies Review, June 2010 ...a valuable and timely collection of essays, with nuanced case studies and assessments of the flexibilities and complications of immigrant religions; it will be useful in the classroom and the library alike for scholars of religion, migration, and American studies. -- February 2007 H-Amstdy
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