Being All Equal: Identity, Difference and Australian Cultural Practice

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November 1996



In a postcolonial age of globalizing economies, the political quest for national identity has become increasingly urgent. This text traces the ways the Australian state and people struggle to represent social and cultural practices to which class, gender and ethnicity are fundamental.


Judith Kapferer Freelance Sociologist,formerly Senior Lecturer in the Sociology of Education, Flinders University of South Australia


'Being All Equal is a timely critique of repressive ideologies and practices that masquerade as populism or egalitarianism. By dissecting the motivations that animate the superficially bland inclusiveness of liberal nationalism, Judith Kapferer has made of Australian cultural politics a globally apposite object-lesson for political and social theory. Especially telling is her treatment of suburbia, which, in its unsettling capacity to excite both contempt and desire, emerges in this book as a central metaphor of the discursive alchemy of late capitalism and exposes the self-effacing sources of nationalist hegemony.'Professor Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University'Kapferer's Being All Equal, constitutes a readable, engaging and insightful, if theoretically somewhat limited discussion of contemporary projects of nation-building in Australia and how they might relate to the contemporary Australian state and people...'A significant strength of Kapferer's monograph is her attention to
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