Taming the Sovereigns

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Januar 2004



Kalevi Holsti inquires as to how we identify "change" in international politics and distinguish between significant and unimportant changes. Do we really live in a new era or simply see more continuity than transformation in international politics? Combining theoretical and empirical arguments, Holsti investigates eight major international institutions, including sovereignty, international law and territoriality, and speculates on their consequences.


1. The problem of change in international relations: rhetoric, markers, and metrics; 2. The state as agent and institution; 3. Territoriality; 4. Sovereignty; 5. International law; 6. Diplomacy; 7. Trade; 8. Colonialism; 9. War; 10. International institutions: types, sources and consequences of change.


Kalevi J. Holsti is Research Associate at the Centre for International Relations and University Killam Professor, Political Science (Emeritus), at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of The State, War, and the State of War (1995), Peace and War: Armed Conflicts and International Order, 1648-1989 (1991), Change in the International System (1991), The Dividing Discipline (1985), Why Nations Realign (1983) and International Politics: a Framework for Analysis (7 editions).


'Holsti ... has made a major contribution in drawing attention to the need to understand how such institutions emerge, evolve and sometimes die; giving the histories of some of them; and setting out many of the tools needed to conduct such analysis.' International Affairs '... provides one of the most thorough accounts of institutional change in world politics...' Political Studies Review
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