The Heart That is Loved Never Forgets: Recovering from Loss: When Humans and Animals Lose Their Companions

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November 1998



Stories that address the grieving process of humans and animals who have lost their companions and that give advice on how best to help yourself and others recover. Kaetheryn Walker, who holds a master's degree in veterinary homeopathy, gives practical advice on recovery, including self-care, support systems, and homeopathic recipes. She also discusses the painful topic of euthanasia.


Kaetheryn Walker has worked in animal care for twenty-five years. She holds a master's degree in veterinary homeopathy and gives workshops and consultations on animal homeopathy for acute and chronic illnesses. The author of "Homeopathic First Aid for Animals," she lives on the coast of Maine with a number of foster cats.


"This book makes you think and feel deeply. Walker presents us with a very sensitive and wise book, offering us a fresh and constructive outlook on bonding and then dealing with the loss of a pet." --Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
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