Soft-Soaping India: The World of Indian Televised Soap Operas

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Februar 2004



At least one third of India's billion inhabitants regularly watch Indian soap operas, which have displaced popular cinema as the prime entertainment genre. And in the Indian diaspora on every Continent, Indian soap operas are a feature of life -- a source of pleasure, discussion and shared identity.


K. Moti Gokulsing is Visiting Fellow at the University of East London. He co-edits the Journal South Asian Popular Culture and is author of the acclaimed Indian Popular Cinema, also published by Trentham.


"...admirably lucid yet comprehensive...these volumes will serve as very useful introductory guides into the nature of Indian media, its histories and cultural trajectories, for a wide range of users....The volume on television is especially recommended on account of its comprehensive coverage of methodological and analytical issues as well as the care given to narrating the complex history of Indian television over the past decade. South Asia excellent overview of Indian cinema and television that should be read by all scholars and students interested in global media processes in general or Indian media studies in particular. Asian Journal of Communication"
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