Contact Mechanics

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August 1987



This treatise is concerned with the stresses and deformation of solid bodies in contact with each other.


Preface; 1. Motion and forces at a point of contact; 2. Line loading of an elastic half-space; 3. Point loading of an elastic half-space; 4. Normal contact of elastic solids - Hertz theory; 5. Non-Herzian normal contact of elastic bodies; 6. Normal contact of inelastic solids; 7. Tangential loading and sliding contact; 8. Rolling contact of elastic bodies; 9. Rolling contact of inelastic bodies; 10. Calendering and lubrication; 11. Dynamic effects and impact; 12. Thermoelastic contact; 13. Rough surfaces; Appendices; References and author index; Subject index.


'There is no doubt that this text will be an enduring and definitive volume on contact mechanics ... The book is a unique introduction to the subject and its many carefully selected references provide the basis for a continuing education.' B. J. Briscoe, Tribology International 'This is the first comprehensive book of its kind and it can be commended both to undergraduates with a particular interest in contact mechanics and to post-graduate workers whose special interests lie in the field of frictional contact, surface deformation and wear.' J. Gittus, International Journal of Structural Mechanics and Materials Science
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