Problems for Physics Students

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November 1982



This book is a collection of some 400 physics problems, with hints on their solutions, and answers. The physics covered encompasses all areas studies by final-year (advanced level) students in schools and high schools. The author has concentrated on presenting interesting (and to some extent unusual) problems which can be solved using the physical principles normally taught in advanced school courses. By working through the questions, the student will become adept at selecting and applying physical principles appropriate to any particular problem. Problems for Physics Students will provide stimulation and practical help not only for those preparing for pre-university examinations in physics, but also for first-year physics and engineering students studying at universities and other institutions offering first-degree courses. Teachers of physics will find this an invaluable sourcebook for ideas to generate discussion, and for unusual problems to stimulate interest.


Preface; 1. Physical dimensions; 2. Linear mechanics and statics; 3. Circular and rotational motion; 4. Gravitation and circular orbits; 5. Simple harmonic motion; 6. Waves; 7. Geometrical optics; 8. Interference and diffraction; 9. Structure and properties of solids; 10. Properties of liquids; 11. Properties of gases; 12. Kinetic theory and statistical physics; 13. Heat transfer; 14. Electrostatics; 15. Direct currents; 16. Non-steady currents; 17. Magnetic fields and currents; 18. Electromagnetism; 19. Nuclei; 20. Electrons, photons and atoms; 21. Shorts; 22. Longs; 23. Data handling; 24. Guestimation; 25. Why or how; 26. Sophistry; Hints and intermediate answers; Answers; Appendix; Symbols and units; Formulae and relationships; Constants.


' ... there's enough in the physics of the world around us today to stimulate everyone's imagination; and problems like Dr Riley's are excellent ways of exercising it.' Contemporary Physics
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